In August, Our company organized a two-day team building activity to Qiandao Lake. It is a process from the unfamiliar to the familiar. No matter in the game or in the scenery, we expend our horizons in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, but also increase the closeness of the company.

Luckily, those days when the weather was surprisingly good. On Friday, we had a long journey and rested in the hotel for one night. On Saturday, we started a whole day of outdoor activities. In the morning, from the bus to the boat, blowing the wind from the lake, listening to the laughter from colleagues from time to time, looking at a large or small island in front of the cross, we ushered in the first activity - climbing. You hold me, I pull you, we talk and laugh together to the top of the mountain. In the process, the unfamiliarity between departments was broken down, and we became as close as one large family. After enjoying a bird 's-eye view of the lake from the top of the mountain, we took a boat to an island for a rest. After the meal, the adults abandon such bothered work, and the children take advantage of the summer vacation to play, so that the day is over.

The next day, our activity was to walk along a gentle stretch of road and up to the observation deck. As the department leader, Mr Bin was full of energy all the way, waving the company flag in front to open the way for us and cheer us on. In the WeChat group, those who walked fast shared the beautiful scenery they saw along the way, and those who walked slowly also unconsciously accelerated their steps towards the destination.

The two-day tour passed quickly, but we know it, to build an excellent team, first of all, there must be a harmonious and tacit atmosphere, in the daily work, the tacit understanding of working ideas, and even the power of mutual trust, is indispensable. Secondly, just like the mountain climbing on the first day and the road hike on the second day, everyone must have a clear goal and agree on the common goal in order to reach the final goal.